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My Friends Feet - Male tickling and foot fetish



My Friends' Feet - male foot tickling videos

Dolan Wolf found it rather arousing that he was going to be placed in bondage for some male tickling torture action. His hairy body turned out to be quite ticklish for such a burly hot stud. With the electric tooth brush tickling his armpits, Dolan throws his head back in hysterical laughter. But we see he was enjoying it, as he was sporting a boner. We began tickling his bare feet and that just made him howl. The male foot tickling was incredible! Then we paid close attenting to his cock and nut sack with a feather. This hot man was in tickle heaven. The tickle torture came to a climax as we jerked his cock until he exploded in a cum shooting orgasm all over himself.

Dolan Wolf Tied, Tickled, and Jerked Off

Rates : 11


September 21, 2015

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Toe Sucking Guys male foot fetish
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If you are a man into men's feet and tickling, then you have arrived at the hottest new mega site featuring all the man to man foot fetish action.

Have you heard of My Friends' Feet website? They make some of the hottest tickling and male foot fetish video around, and have been doing it for over 15 years on the net! They have hot muscle men, I'm talking REAL MEN reduced to a quivering laughing mess as they're tied down and tickled to insanity. Then there's Laughing Asians. If you're into gay Asian twinks being tied down in bondage and tickled silly, this site is for you. Mike Reynolds is the founder and creator of this unique gay tickle fetish website. There are hundreds of videos of cute Asian boys tickling other Asian boy's feet, armpits, and all over their sexy naked bodies.