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My Friends Feet - Male tickling and foot fetish
Laughing Asians Male Feet and Tickling Fetish

Felix Has Ticklish Asian Boy Feet

When I met this super cute Asian gay boy, I couldn't wait to see if his feet were ticklish. Felix started off by claiming he was not ticklish, but then many boys make that claim and my expert male foot ticklers usually prove them wrong. So we tied this sexy Asian boy down on the bed spreadeagled and I released the tickle fetish boys on him. I got a bunch of new pheasant feathers, so we opened the tickle torture session by using them. Felix starts to giggle, and found it somewhat pleasing. He kind of like the erotic tickling. But when the boys switched to using their fingers, the real laughter began.

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September 22, 2015
Categories Models Channel

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Toe Sucking Guys male foot fetish
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